1971 Boston Cambridge USA Harvard University

Best known quality: Good
  • Bob (2011-10-16)
    Ok, I'd better say a few words... When I received both this and the following one (Cambridge Boathouse) they were mixed up and named as Boston 1971 & 1973, but I think they were accidentally mis-labeled at some time. Why do I think this? Well, by doing a comparison of some tracks included in Precise Modern Lovers Order & also by checking out some other people's early Modern Lovers web pages: they tie in as actually being from Harvard University 1971 & Cambridge Boathouse. Quality-wise though, the recording sound is pretty rough, especially when you compare them to the cleaned up songs included on Precise Modern Lovers Order, but, because some are not included on either Precise Modern Lovers Order or Live at the Longbranch Saloon, then they are probably only available within this recording. So, that's my ten cents, enough said...