2004 Apr 9 York UK Fibbers

Best known quality: Excellent
  • Bob (2011-04-09)
    The first of two recordings that we made ourselves during the Spring 2004 tour, the other one was at the next night's show, 'Night and Day Cafe', Manchester: both nights were excellent and featured a clutch of new songs, some of which, hopefully, will find their way on to Jonathan's next official CD.Tonight's show is in a small pub-type venue with a pretty tightly packed audience, well pretty tightly packed where we were anyway, of probably about 150 people, tops. There's a little bit of conversation picked up on this one, but not too much, and it sounds fine.Tonight's highlight is a great sounding 'Let her go into the Darkness' with the full boyfriend/girlfriend argument done in all five languages... English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Hebrew... great fun!A bit of special show for me too, coz it's the first one that I could take my daughter to: she's now just old enough to start going to see shows, so I was really pleased to be able to take her to a Jonathan one, and Yes, she had a great time too! her words afterwards were... 'I enjoyed it loads...take me again!!'