Songs of Rememberance (1972)

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  • Bob (2011-10-14)

    1-4 Jonathan's first demos said to have been made in the Harvard Square area of Boston, Summer 19705-7 From The Modern Lovers first session, Intermedia Studios, Boston, 19718-9 From The Warner Brothers Demos with John Cale, Elektra Studios, LA, April 1972 10-11 From Dinky Dawson's Studio, Boston with Kim Fowley, Summer 1972 12 Gold Star Studios, LA, with Kim Fowley, October 1973 13 Live Radcliffe, Cambridge, October 1972 14 - 17 The Mercer Arts Center, NYC, New Years Eve 1972 18 Cambridge Boathouse, MA, 1972 Also, - Tracks 5, 7, and 9, are among the extra tracks on the 2003 Castle Music re-issue of 'The Modern Lovers' (CMQCD 782) Track 6 was on the original 1976 release of 'The Modern Lovers', but the version here has some brief studio chat before it begins.
  • Bob (2011-10-14)

    A CD bootleg released in 1998 by Punk Vault(PVCD1003). The sound is generally pretty good
  • JB (2011-10-22)