1987 Mar 27 Kansas City USA Parody Hall

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  • Bob (2011-04-09)

    A great show with Brennan Totten & Johnny Avila. A really lively one this one, the band is on top form: full of enthusiasm, and playing to a highly excited crowd. Some excellent guitar work is here too, especially on 'Chewing Gum Wrapper' and 'Conga Drums' - this is by far the best version of 'Conga Drums' that I've yet heard. Unfortunately, the tape runs out near the end of 'Walter Johnson', the shows second encore, just a couple of lines short of what would have been the end; so unfortunately, the recording comes to a bit of an abrupt ending - this though is probably the only slight flaw with the recording. Has a great atmosphere of an excellent show, superbly captured!!!