1975 Mar 20 New York City USA The Kitchen

This recording is available
  • Bob (2011-04-09)

    Ernie Brooks -- bass guitar, Andy Paley -- drums / vocals, Jonathan Paley -- guitar, Jody Thaxter -- backing vocals, Miranda Remington -- backing vocals
  • JB (2011-10-10)

    "Kumbaya" is cut
  • JB (2011-10-12)

    "Rock Island Line" is by Leadbelly.
  • JB (2011-10-12)

    "Good Night Baby" is by the Butterflys
  • Jonathan Paley (2011-11-12)

    I remember that members of what would be the Talking Heads were in attendance.
  • JB (2011-11-12)

    I LOVE this show! It's such a rare period in Jonathan's career. The highlight for me is "Hi Fred, We Still Love You". It was also on the Laura Palmer Tape and this version gives us a peek as to what JR meant the song to be.
  • JB (2011-11-12)

    That is awesome that members of the future talking heads were there...takes this show to a whole new level for me...thanks Jonathan! BTW...who sang "Good Night Baby" on this show? I sing that song in the car all the time!