O Moon, Queen of Night on Earth (2010)

  • JB (2011-10-27)

    For some reason a lot of people knocked this record when it came out. Why? I love it. In fact I think it's one of his strongest and most mature efforts
  • Jerry (2011-10-28)

    O Moon has grown on me but I'm still having a hard time connecting with it. Not a bad album but JR seems like he's in a holding pattern with the last few releases. None of them are bad but the last few albums seem a bit to similar to each other.
  • Jerry (2011-11-29)

    O Moon was released exactly 1 year ago.
  • JB (2011-11-30)

    Wow...seems like only a few months ago.The song "I Was the One She Came For" is probably the most common song from this album to get stuck in my head.
  • Jerry (2011-12-09)

    These Bodies,I Was The One She Came For,We'll Be The Noise We'll Be The Scandal,The Bitter Herb,My Affected Accent are my favorites.