1976 Oct 9 New York City USA Town Hall

This recording is available
  • Bob (2011-04-09)

    This is such a fun recording! Jonathan taking the second line up of Modern Lovers on the road with his new songs; Ice Cream Man; Here come the Martian Martians; Rockin' Rockin' Leprechauns; etc to a New York audience that sound like they fully expected to hear the 'old stuff!' Lots of heckling at the beginning but Jonathan soon has them won over (well most of them). Best heckle is something like 'You sound like you've got a head full of Ice Cream!'
  • neats (2012-02-26)

    I was at this show too..very close to the front and it was still hard to hear...Curly, Leroy and the late D Sharpe...D Sharpe had a great drum kit..big african skin floor tom..Leroy had the Epiphone casino type guitar...Curly was, Curly on standup bass..
  • JB (2012-02-27)

    That's awesome.I guess this show got a lot of press too. I get the sense that this was the first time that Jonathan introduced his "child-like" songs/persona to a NYC audience.
  • JB (2012-08-08)