I'm So Confused (1998)

  • JB (2011-10-27)

    This is the album that has grown the most for me over the years
  • Jerry (2011-10-28)

    One of my favorites.
  • Jerry (2011-10-31)

    On "I Can't Find My Best Friend" I love the way Jonathan says demanding all my POWER.
  • JB (2011-10-31)

    It sounds like "Powahh"
  • Jerry (2011-10-31)

    You're right it does. I just like the emphasis he puts on Power or Powahh.
  • JB (2011-11-01)

    Yeah, it's like he gives everything in his soul when he says that. I guess this song is about his wife because this is right after his divorce. With the dozens and dozens of songs already devoted to her it's obvious that every word of this song is from the soul. Gotta love it